#117MS Lyman tang sight for a dbl. rifle, X mark on bottom of sight, good condition with large eye piece, finish turning brown. $295

#121MS Stevens vernier tang sight, base has been modified to fit on a Ballard, 1 1/8" on center holes, VG condition. $250

#127MS Vaver Micrometer adjustable target receiver sight, 2 holes in side of mount that are approximately 1 1/2" spacing, 1 hole on top, large eyepiece, VG condition. $195

#128MS Redfield International target receiver peep sight, fits on a dovetail, click adjustable for windage & elevation, in VG condition, large eyepiece. $250

#134MS Lyman #41 receiver sight, code marking on back "WL", VG condition, mounts with 3 screws.  $250

#135MS Lyman #60 extension receiver sight, like new condition, complete with mounting base.  $150

#136MS Lyman Model 41R receiver sight, exc. condition, 95% blue, mounted with 3 screws.  $250

#140MS Win. blade front sight for any of the Win. lever guns.  $55

#142MS Original Ballard vernier tang sight, exc. condition, 90% finish.  $595

#150MS Lyman Model 77H, aperture insert, exc. condition.  $75  (2)

#151MS Lyman #17 hooded front sight with aperture insert, made to fit a 3/8" slot, VG condition.  $65

#154MS Marbles tang sight for Marlin rifles, large eye piece, VG condition.  $195

#156MS Stevens vernier tang sight with large eye piece, 3" high, good condition, windage screw is missing.  $295

#157MS Early Ballard vernier tang sight in mint condition, 4 ½" tall, beautiful sight.  $1250

#158MS Gibbs long range tang sight with large eye piece, 6 ½" tall, marked "George Gibbs Bristol 621", adj. for windage & elevation, platinum inlays for sight settings, base is very heavy a large screw that traverses horizontally through the bottom.  $1000

#159MS Win. Model 76 vernier tang sight with large eye piece, 3 ¼" tall, VG condition with blue starting to turn brown, rear hole has been filed slightly perhaps to allow the eye piece to fold lower on the gun, marked "76" on bottom of the base.  $650

#165MS Lyman #103 tang sight adj. for windage & elevation, base is for Stevens 44 ½, exc. condition.  $450

#167MS Lyman Model 102 Range Control tang sight for Stevens 44 ½, screw in eye piece, adj. for elevation & windage, exc. condition with screws.  $300

#168MS Parker Hale tang sight for Win. rifles, adj. iris eye piece along with different colored glass to look through, mint condition.  $395

#169MS Lyman tang sight for Rem. Model 14 & 14 ½, marked 14 on bottom of base, VG condition.  $250

#170MS Lyman tang sight for Marlin Model 1893, VG condition with 90% blue turning brown.  $225

#172MS Lyman tang sight with windage adj., for Rem. Model 12, exc. to mint condition.  $250

#173MS Marbles tang sight for Win. 73, good condition, screw in eye piece. $250